Several report-building tools exist within CTEIS to inform users about the status of students, courses, and programs within CTE buildings and districts. Using these reports, CTEIS reporters can correct information and coordinate efforts to improve data.



Generating CTEIS Reports

A robust report-building tool is available to all CTEIS users by clicking Reports → Building Reports on the navigation panel. Several of these reports use live CTEIS data that is periodically processed and matched to external databases, and they evolve over the course of the year as building reporters update and validate their information. Building reports are extremely valuable tools for verifying the accuracy of assessment, follow-up, and enrollment data as you prepare to submit your reports for CEPD Administrator review.

Image of the Building Reports selection menu

The following is a list of the reports you will find useful as you approach your various tasks throughout the year:


FA Assessment Data Review and Assessment Analysis

  • Assessment AnalysisDisplays the testing dates and scores earned by each student broken out by sending facility.
  • ASE Assessment ExportAllows an FA to export assessment data into a text format that may be corrected and re-uploaded into CTEIS.
  • Assessment Data Review ReportPresents the student data that is received from the test vendor and is editable either on-screen or through a coordinated export, edit, and import process.



  • Completers in Another DistrictLists students followed up by another district and indicates possible locations where completers missing from a follow-up list may be found.
  • XO610: Placement Report of Completers by ProgramProvides information about continuing education, employment, job satisfaction and average hourly wage of CTE completers 8 months after they leave their program.
  • XO611: Education by Employment ComparisonProvides a snapshot of what happened to former high school students who (1) completed a career and technical education program, (2) were in 11th or 12th grade the previous spring, and (3) responded to the Follow-Up survey eight to ten months after completing their program.
  • T1608: Career & Technical Education Follow Up ReportShows an analysis of the responses collected for each Follow-Up survey question.




Image of the Student Reports panel




  • Bad UIC ReportProvides a list of invalid student UICs.
  • UIC with No MSDSProvides a list of students with expired UICs.
  • Class Student ListShows students by class within home facilities.
  • Current Year Missing GradesProvides a list of students with missing grades.
  • Program Enrollment HistoryProvides a listing of student program/course history that is useful for detecting individual completers.
  • Completer Assessment ReportLists students and segments by PSN and building.
  • Completer Assessment Summary ReportProvides the total number of completers within your programs for the current school year.
  • Segment Q Class ListShows class listings of students with a Segment Q.
  • Program/Course Section Data Verification and Enrollment ReportContains program and course level information concerning time, enrollment, teacher, and semester/trimester (available at Fiscal Agent à Enrollment Submission).
  • 4483 Student Listing Program/Course Section Data Verification and Enrollment Report with StudentsContains program and course level information concerning time, enrollment, teacher, semester/trimester, and student enrollments (available at Fiscal Agent à Enrollment Submission).



  • Sending Building CountsProvides a list of program and course student counts by sending facility.
  • Program CountsProvides a listing of program and course student counts in programs by building.
  • Special PopulationProvides a summary of special population information by building.



Further Assistance

Submission of the Enrollment report in June typically marks the end of the Fiscal Agency Level 5 Authorized Official’s responsibilities for the school year. Remember that assistance is always available if problems arise at any time throughout the year.

Requests for technical assistance with CTEIS may be directed to the CTEIS help desk at, (517) 333-9363, ext. 128, or (800) 203-0614, ext. 128.

General questions regarding CTEIS and the report submission and review process may be directed to the Office of Career and Technical Education at (517) 373-3373.