Follow-Up Data Review and Submission

Building reporters should submit final follow-up data for FA approval during the first week of May. Remember, students may only be surveyed by one district; if you believe completers are missing from your follow-up data, the following building report, accessed by clicking ReportsBuilding Reports, may assist you with identifying students who are being reported in other districts:

  • Completers in Another DistrictLists students followed up by another district and indicates possible locations where completers missing from a follow-up list may be found.


To complete the review of the Follow-Up report:

  1. Log into CTEIS at with your MEIS user name and password.
  2. From the left-hand navigation panel, click the Fiscal AgentFollow-Up Submission button to open the report submission screen.

    Image of the Follow-Up Survey Results screen
  3. If necessary, select a Fiscal Agency district using the drop-down menu in the top-left corner. Review the Follow Up Buildings Completion table, which displays your Fiscal Agency district's currently entered survey completion rates.
  4. To review the data submitted by a building reporter, click the Report link to the left of a building's name. This will open the Follow Up (XO603) Survey Results report. If the information requires editing, you may return a building’s data to the appropriate reporter by clicking the Comp./Ret. button.

    TIP: The Comp% column within the Follow Up Buildings Completion table
    indicates to a building reporter when all surveys have been saved into
    CTEIS, regardless of whether that survey contains information or not.

    By contrast, the Survey % column on the Follow Up (XO603) Survey Results report indicates the percentage of surveys that contain data from survey respondents. Keep in mind that a total response rate that is lower than 90% significantly raises the likelihood of a TRAC audit in your district.

  5. When you are satisfied that the information is complete and accurate, on the follow-up submission screen, click the link to the right of the building name labeled Mark Complete to submit that building's report to the CEPD Administrator for review.


Image of the Follow-Up Reports selection menu

After the Follow-Up report has been submitted, OCTE will publish analyses of the data your district collected. Analytics from previous years are available on the CTEIS Follow-Up Reports screen, accessible by clicking ReportsFollow Up Reports.

  • XO610: Placement Report of Completers by ProgramProvides information about continuing education, employment, job satisfaction and average hourly wage of CTE completers 8 months after they leave their program.
  • XO611: Education by Employment ComparisonProvides a snapshot of what happened to former high school students who (1) completed a career and technical education program, (2) were in 11th or 12th grade the previous spring, and (3) responded to the Follow-Up survey eight to ten months after completing their program.
  • T1608: Career & Technical Education Follow Up ReportShows an analysis of the responses collected for each Follow-Up survey question.


The final Follow-Up report must be submitted to OCTE no later than May 10th, 2018. For additional details on reviewing and submitting your Follow-Up report, please refer to the Follow-Up Review Guide for FA.

Student Enrollment Data Deadline

Enrollment information consists of many varying types of data, but student enrollment records are especially important. All CTE students must be enrolled in at least one course section in CTEIS by May 15th, 2018. After this date, MSDS data matches occur infrequently, and OCTE cannot guarantee that further UIC errors will be resolved in time for your students to be counted for funding on your Enrollment report. FAs should strive to make district building reporters aware of this due date and to distinguish it from the end-of-year submission deadline.

Building reporters and FAs must also ensure that all student UICs are accurate and valid at this time. The following building reports, accessed by clicking Reports → Building Reports, may assist you with updating and verifying the information that is critical to producing completers within your programs:


Image of the Building Reports selection menu

Reports for Reviewing Student Data Quality

  • Bad UIC ReportProvides a list of invalid student UICs.
  • UIC with No MSDSProvides a list of students with expired UICs.
  • Class Student ListShows students by class within home facilities.
  • Current Year Missing GradesProvides a list of students with missing grades.
  • Segment Q Class ListShows class listings of students with a Segment Q.


Reports for Verifying Completers

  • Completer Assessment Summary ReportProvides the total number of completers within your programs for the current school year.
  • Completer Assessment ReportLists students and segments by PSN and building.
  • Program Enrollment HistoryProvides a listing of student program/course history that is useful for detecting individual completers.


NOTE: You may wish to generate your completer verification reports in the sequence outlined above as they are listed in order of most general (Completer Assessment Summary Report) to most individualized (Program Enrollment History).


For more information, please see Using Reports to Verify Data.