Assessment Data Review

Image of FA menu option for Assessment Data Review


FAs begin the process of reviewing assessment data at the beginning of each school year. Assessment data often contains inaccurate UICs and other core information errors, which causes merges with CTEIS to be problematic. It is the responsibility of the FA to ensure that assessment data matches CTEIS data by manually inserting or updating invalid UIC information.

Please note that if a student UIC in an assessment data file does not match the UIC found in CTEIS, that student will not receive credit for taking the assessment, which will often prevent him or her from being identified as a completer. When reviewing assessment information, please verify that your data fields adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that OCTE is able to match students to their assessment data and grant those students credit for taking any assessment tests:

  • The student's state UIC is entered—do NOT use a local identification number.
  • The student's first and last names are entered as they appear in CTEIS—do NOT use nicknames or aliases.

For additional information, please refer to the CTEIS article "Assessment Data Review."