How to Run CTE Dashboards

To access CTE Report Dashboards visit: From the top menu bar select a report type. Using the drop down menu select the appropriate category. On the next page, choose report criteria from the left menu bar. You may specify a selection option on the bottom of the report page by selection criteria.  These criteria will customize the report based on your choice. The "Clear All" button resets the report display. 

CTE Dashboards Reports


Available Reports

*These reports do not require CTEIS login credentials: 

Perkins CPIs-Race and Gender – (Perkins IV and Perkins V).

  • Performance
  • Ranking
  • Trends
  • Map

Perkins CPIs- Special Populations- (Perkins IV and Perkins V).

  • Performance
  • Ranking
  • Trends
  • Map

PV CTE Enrollments

  • X0503
  • X0506
  • Enrollments Trends
  • Enrollments Map
  • Final Enrollment and Completion Report
  • PIV CTE Enrollments-
  • X0506-Unduplicated Enrollment Breakouts
  • X0503- Unduplicated Enrollment Totals
  • Enrollment Trends
  • Enrollment Maps

How To Print Reports

To print a copy of the report, download and save, or export, the report as a PDF file. When prompted, select a location to save the file. You then have the option to open the PDF file with Adobe or your preferred PDF viewer and send to your local printer. 

If the report page supports direct printing, you can select the print button and send to a local printer or print to PDF. Print to PDF allows you to save the document to a location of your choice while also allowing you to print the report at any time.