CTEIS Responsibilities of the FA

Fiscal Agency Level 5 Authorized Officials and CTEIS

The Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) appoints two Fiscal Agency Level 5 Authorized Officials (FAs) from each Fiscal Agency district in Michigan. FAs are integral to the CTE report submission process, which is completed using the online CTEIS application, and they perform many unique tasks throughout the year. These responsibilities include overseeing all reporting activities for the Operating Agencies and Operating Buildings within the Fiscal Agency district, granting reporting roles and system permissions to CTEIS users, reviewing CTE program data, and submitting CTE reports to the correct CEPD Administrator.


Authorizing User Accounts Within CTEIS

Image of FA menu options

FAs have the unique ability to delegate reporting roles and responsibilities to CTE personnel within their purview, and they grant access to the student data and other functions contained within the CTEIS system to all users. This includes CEPD Administrators as well as all building-level reporters (see Managing Users in CTEIS).

Reviewing and Submitting CTE Reports

Image of FA menu options for reviewing reports

FAs are responsible for the submission of accurate and timely CTE data. The review process begins as early as August when FAs assist with the repair and completion of assessment data in preparation for the state CPI report. Throughout the school year, FAs can expect to review the enrollment, expenditure, and follow-up data compiled by building reporters. When the accuracy of this information has been verified, the FA must then submit the associated reports to the assigned CEPD Administrator.