Perkins 2017 Consolidated Annual Report Data Tables, including EdFacts Data


CTE Participant Counts by Race, Gender, and Special Population Categories                            
CTE Concentrator Counts by Race, Gender, and Special Population Categories                            

Core Performance Indicators (Title I) - Secondary Level:

All the core performance indicators listed are represented on the 2017 CAR report. Please download the 2017 CAR report for the Secondary Level consolidated information. 

1S1 - Academic Attainment - Reading                                      

1S2 - Academic Attainment - Math                                      
2S1 - Technical Skill Attainment                                      
3S1 School Completion                                      
4S1 - Graduation Rate (submitted through EDEN/EDFacts)                                     
5S1 - Placement Secondary Level                                      
6S1 - Nontraditional Participation                                      
6S2 - Nontraditional Completion(submitted through EDEN/EDFacts)                                  



Core Performance Indicators (Title I) - Postsecondary Level:

Please download the 1P1 - 5P2 data document for the Postsecondary Level consolidated information.

1P1 - Technical Skill Attainment                                      
2P1 - Credential, Certificate, or Degree                                      
3P1 - Student Retention or Transfer                                      
4P1 - Student Placement                                      
5P1 - Nontraditional Participation                                      
5P2 - Nontraditional Completion                                      


Measures & Performance Levels   

Overall Interpretation Guide             

Special Populations Interpretation Guide